Evaluating Compromised White Matter Cerebrovascular Reactivity in Individuals with CADASIL

We are honored in recruiting patients for this study.  Potential patients are notified directly by CTWHH.  It will be their decision to contact the study  Coordinator if they are interested in participating in the study. 

Opened May 2012  

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Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre of Ontario, Canada announces that they are conducting a study that examines the 'cerebral vascular reactivity' (CVR) of CADASIL patients. To measure reactivity, we ask participants to breathe air mixed with carbon dioxide (CO2) while they are scanned with functional-MRI. The CO2 (which is delivered in similar concentration to that found in exhaled air) causes blood vessels in their brain to dilate and the MRI scan measures the resulting blood flow changes.

They are currently recruiting CADASIL patients for this study in order to compare them to a number of non-CADASIL volunteers with white matter disease who have already been scanned. The hypothesis is that the time-course of blood flow changes may be different in people with CADASIL versus those with spontaneous white matter disease. It is expected that the signature of this time-course will to assist them better understand the underpinnings of white matter damage in people with CADASIL.

The study involves the collection of routine structural MR imaging for a total scan time of approximately one hour. A 15-minute cognitive assessment will be performed before the scan. In addition, they are asking patients to come back 12 months later for a repeat visit to measure any changes and see if the technique is able to predict structural changes in the brain.
Inclusion Criteria: Confirmed CADASIL diagnosis, Ability to have an MRI, Ability to consent.

Exclusionary Criteria: Contraindications to MRI scanning (e.g.: claustrophobia, pace-maker), Inability to wear a face-mask for breathing),

Ethics: This study has received approval from the Sunnybrook Hospital Research Ethics Board. Participation in this study will be strictly confidential.

Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Room MB-120, 2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4N 3M5
If you wish to participate in this study please contact Anoop, the study coordinator.
Study contact info: Anoop Ganda
Phone: 416-480-6100
Email: anoop.ganda@sunnybrook.ca