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Fearing Punishment for Bad Genes, New York Times

The study centres on a devastating inherited condition called CADASIL, in which patients suffer repeated strokes which can eventually do so much damage that they develop dementia.  Blood vessels of interest are found around the body – and the buttocks are much more accessible than the brain.

Hope for CADASIL - Presents Second International Workshop

Rare Disease, CADASIL, Give Keizer Man New Lease on Life

The Stigma of Rare Disease: How Do You Tell People About Your Condition CADASIL? 

2013 CADASIL Thoughts; Rare Disease Day, State Capital, Austin, Texas

Press Release: CADASIL Together We Have Hope Non-Profit to Attend Rare Disease Day 2013 Rally at the State Capital, Austin, Texas   

Professor Bousser 2012 Stockholm Conference (History of CADASIL) 

Rare Disease Day Summary in Washington D.C. 2012

High School Students in Austin, Texas celebrates 2012 Rare Disease Day

Faces of CADASIL

Raising Funds for Research  

CADASIL Podcast Presenter: Dr. Stephen Salloway, Director of Neurology, Memory and Aging  Program, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Wafting Heavenward 

Hereditary Small Vessel Diseases of the Brain

CADASIL Documentary - Jack Shield

How My Father Coped With CADASIL And Should I Be Tested? My Fathers Killer 

UK Scientists Clone Human Embryo

Scientist's Curing Bid From The Chronicle Heat And Soul 

Rare Disease Victim Brings Others Hope