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Welcome To Our Announcements and Discussion Message Board

This forum was established in 1997. Thank you for thinking about joining this forum!

This support forum is for patients, spouses, parents, families and friends all bound together by the common experience of CADASIL. Please make sure you read the Etiquette Policy before joining.  As this is the world web, We cannot be responsible for what others post, but we have faith that everyone will follow the http://cadasilfoundation.org/picts/1%20arrow-small%20-.gifetiquette policy. 

http://cadasilfoundation.org/picts/1%20arrow-small%20-.gifTo join the family group, click on this link: FORUM

Share openly, warmly, and often while always respecting the privacy and emotions of the rest of the CADASIL Family. 

Please remember that we are not medical experts, and even those experts that occasionally do post to the list are acting only as helpful individuals as diagnosis and treatment are very personal things that cannot be done properly via e-mail.  Be sure to confirm and consult with your local medical professional before taking action on any items discussed. 

This forum allows people to communicate on their own timelines, or to simply "hang back" and observe. This is different than an on-line chat as the readers may not receive your message for hours and will respond when they have a moment (or are awake - we have members from literally across the globe). This way we all can communicate on our own schedules.

Unlike discussion boards, these messages have a sense of timeliness to them as they pop into your in-box.  This helps to build the family atmosphere of this community.  This family forum message board has the ability to view previous posts from the beginning of February 2007. 

This forum is not to be used for personal use, linking to other Personal/business web pages, and/or for advertising.          

We cannot support or endorse any other forum or support group on the internet concerning CADASIL.